Why Do You Smoke?

Author name: Muhammad Ibraheem al-Hamad | 1 views

Why Do You Smoke ?: A discussion with our smoking brothers regarding the prohibition of smoking.

Smoking is a dangerous epidemic and a destructive adversity that catches many people in its trap. Many of them have live hearts and strong Islamic emotions, yet they are afflicted with smoking and do not deny its harm, its effects and its prohibition. They hope to give it up, and strive to get rid of it. Such people have a right upon their brothers to help them and take their hands to the shore of safety.

If you ask any smoker why he smokes, you would receive many different answers. Some people smoke when they need relief from depression; others smoke to ease the stress of estrangement from their families. Some people smoke with friends to have fun, while others smoke to rid themselves of worry and anger. There are those that smoke to imitate those whom they admire, or perhaps they smoke because they have been doing it from a young age and cannot stop. You will even find those who say, “I smoke because it is useful, and I do not believe it is prohibited.”

These are generally the excuses smokers give, and based on this, allow me, my dear beloved smoking brothers, to discuss this issue with you for a short while, and perhaps we will come to a satisfying conclusion.

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