The Needs Of Humanity In The Mission Of Prophet Muhammad

Author name: Adel ibn Ali Al-Shiddy | 3 views

This is a research that was developed to answer the Westerners who presently asking what new aspects Prophet Muhammad -peace be upon him- offered to the world?

Some Westerners are presently asking what new aspects Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) offered to the world. Undoubtedly, all those who conveyed great messages were great in themselves, great in their lives. And although they appeared during specific periods of history, they left their mark, not only on their own societies, but on the history of the entire world.

Among them was our Prophet, Muhammad (Pbuh).The outstanding feature of his greatness lies in the fact that he was the bearer of a divine monotheistic message. It was a comprehensive message aimed basically at the amendment of human life, shifting it from barbarism and paganism to a monotheistic civilization based on certainty of faith.

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