Our Belief Concerning The Sahaabah

Author name: Abdul-Muhsin Al-Abbad | 1 views

ALLAH (SWT) chose for accompanying him and taking knowledge from him a people who are the best of this nation, which is itself the best of all nations. ALLAH (SWT) honored them by allowing them to ac-company His Prophet (saw). He favored them in this worldly life by giving them the opportunity to see him and hear his hadîth directly from his noble mouth….This is the bounty of ALLAH which He bestows upon whom He wills, and ALLAH possesses the great-est of bounties. Indeed the Companions conveyed from ALLAH’s Messenger (saw) that which he was sent with from guidance in the most complete and perfect form. They will have the greatest of rewards due to their companionship of ALLAH’s Messenger (saw), their fighting in Jihâd along his side, and their noble actions in spreading Islâm.’

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