Mashari Al-Ashwaq Ila Masari Al-Ushaaq

Author name: Ibn Nuhaas | 8 views

This book was considered the best book on Jihad by the late Shaykh Abdullah Azzam. It was written by Ahmad Ibrahim Muhammad al Dimashqi (died 814 hijri) – commonly known as Imam Ibn Nuhaas. He was a scholar and Mujahid and was martyred fighting the Roman army in the year 814 Hijri in Egypt. This translation is based on an abridged version of the book done by Salah al Khalidi, professor of Tafsir at the Jordanian University. The original included some weak narrations, stories and dreams without chains of narrations and these were omitted. It also included sections that might be irrelevant to the modern reader and these were omitted too. Originally this translation was no more than personal notes for me to use on a series I have done on the book. Then some brothers, may Allah reward them, worked with the notes to turn them into a full translation of the book.