Khalid Yasin

Sheikh Khalid Yaseen is what is known as a da'ee, this basically means a person who speaks publicly about the Islamic faith in order to invigorate the spiritual and moral conscience of listeners, or to educate and inform people about the Islamic faith.

Born in Brooklyn, during the changing 50's amongst a background of civil rights, struggle for freedom and equality (Sheikh Khalid Yasin) has always been well trained to speak out in times of inequality. Never accepting that anything came without hard work and firm resolve, he was able to seek a living, an education and most importantly be guided to the truth in spite of his surroundings.

Separated from his family at an early age and placed in foster homes he experienced 'the full buffet' of Christianity and felt that he needed something more simple and clear to inspire him. As many of the young Afro-American population did, Abu Muhammad first was introduced to Islam by the Black Nationalists; but made all the wiser for the defection of Hajj Malik Al-Shabaz.

Lecturing all around the world, Abu Muhammad was able to train extensively in Qur'an, Islamic legislature and Arabic in Madina and Cairo; although never accepting more recognition then he is due and only ever admitting to be a 'student of a student of knowledge'. The opinion of Abu Muhammad is that knowledge, which is easily acquired is least valued and most in need of explanation - he recommends those who seek knowledge to 'ask those who know'. Sheikh Khalid is, at current setting up and running 'the purpose of life centre' in Shirecliffe, Sheffield; an oasis of learning and community activity in a scenic setting in the heart of Sheffield. Members of the local and wider community are welcome at the centre on the weekend for an introduction, or a cup of tea with a resolve to improve links within the community and to offer a place of training, guidance or reflection.

Hopefully, the ultimate aim of the centre is to offer to the already vibrant Sheffield community a focal point for the rebuilding of an Islamic civilization that did not threaten the world, but enriched it. The main objective in all the projects Abu Muhammad initiates is to give people the truth in the clearest, most straightforward and beneficial way to give access to people to the treasure that is Allah's (swt) Islam.