About Us

In the name of ALLAH, The Most Merciful, The Most Gracious.

Who we are

Al-Tahleel is non-profit organisation, which is run by a small group of brothers trying to compete for good deeds in the hope of gaining pleasure from The Almighty: ALLAH, by spreading HIS message.

With the help of ALLAH, we have progressed from providing information from our dawah tables to presenting ALLAH’s message online in order to have a global reach of HIS beautiful way of life.

Our main objectives

The main objective of Al-Tahleel is to provide people with free information about Islam in the form of videos, audio lectures and e-books.

We want this site to be an Islamic resource centre that is accessible to non-Muslims in order to learn about the treasure of Islam; for newly reverted Muslims to help prioritise what they should learn first and for all other Muslims in order to facilitate the obligation of always seeking knowledge so that our light of iman can continually grow until the meeting with our Lord.

In the future, we have plans on integrating a forum, online chat and even an Islamic matrimonial service as well as many other features, Insha'ALLAH.

We expect nothing in return except trying to gain the pleasure of ALLAH and the dua of brothers and sisters out there. However, if anyone wants to make a contribution and share in the reward they can do so by making a donation on our contributions page. If anyone has any feedback for us on how we can improve the site then visit our contact us page.


The views expressed within all the content of the site are not necessarily the views or opinions held by the Al- Tahleel team. Rather, alternative points of views regarding certain issues have been presented in order to allow users to make up there own minds as to what their stance may be.

May ALLAH bless you with good in this life and in the hereafter, thank you for reading.

The Al-Tahleel team.