Salah ad-Din al-Ayyubi (Saladin)

Author name: Abdullah Nasih Ulwan | 13 views

Talking about the lives of our great figures in history, leader in jihad and men in the field of reformation in the best talk and the most beloved remembrance because they were the guiding lights for people. Salah ad-Din was one of those who guided people to the right path. One may ask why the author preferred Salah ad-Din's biography over other figures. The answer is that Salah ad-Din's life is connected with the manifest victory and liberation of Jerusalem from Crusaders. Readers will find in book chapters how such victory was achieved by a Kurdish man, not an Arab; how he unified the Muslim ummah under his guiding leadership; how he convinced the people to follow the Islamic Shariah; how he fought in the name of Islam and to make Allah's word supreme; and how he treated the enemies with good manners and noble morals. Readers will also find the noblest qualities by which he was distinguished and the most important reforms he achieved. In brief, he will find who Salah ad-Din was.

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