Abdul-Bari Al-Thubaity

Abdul Bari al Thubaity was born in Makkah in 1380 Hijri. Abdul Bari al Thubaity graduate in Sciences from The King Fahd Abdul Aziz’s University of Jeddah in 1405 Hijri. Soon after, he enrolled in the Umm al Quraa University, Makkah for a degree in Shariaa that he earned with honors in 1409 followed by a Master, in 1415, from the Shariaa’s Faculty of the same university.

Abdul Bari al Thubaity worked as teacher and Quran memorizer while he was still 19. He also supervised some Quran memorizing sessions in Jeddah.

Since the late 1414, Abdul Bari al Thubaity has been a lecturer and imam in Masjid Nabi, Madeenah.

Abdul-Bari Al-Thubaity